Friday, September 05, 2008

Tomorrow is....


I am sick of being dishonest to myself.

Yeaaaaaaaa I have been sick, yeaaaaaaa I have had a fair bit of stress to deal with ....BUT that in all honesty does not excuse me from falling back into old bad habits. Only me and being dishonest to myself and laziness does.

Yep everyone I am talking about my weight...heck knows what it is, I am too scared to hop on the scales....but I will in the morning. My journey restarts then. I have to do something before I lose the plot completely. The days have just been going by and even thou I have had some good days and bad days....I have been avoiding the truth of how lazy I have become. I have been tracking the last few weeks as I said I would, but if I had a bad day...did I do anything about it? Nooooooooooooo, just thought to myself, ahhhhhhhh tomorrow will be a better day....and if it wasn't, well the next one would be. Get the picture....???
So tomorrow....the new beginning. NO lies to myself ....
Cyaaaaaa on my updates....
Its Saturday morning ...... just a quick update....weighed in on my scales this morning....mmmm not good. 74.1
Been for a 45 minute walk and feel good ....
I will weigh Monday mornings, no good weighing Saturday mornings, too tempted to relax over weekend.
Soooooooo its onwards and downwards.......


  1. Summer is round the corner girl.. time we both pulled our sox up... I need a virtual kik up the arse too...
    Lets just take each day as it comes and make sure that the next day is better than the one before... ease back into it and before we know it we will be happy in ourselves again...
    Think about that everytime you pick something up to put in your mouth!

  2. I could have written that!!! In fact my last entry was a fairly similar one! Just finidng it quite hard at the moment so can totally understand how you are feeling:-(

  3. Yep - can identify too - just hang in there - the important thing is that you're aware of the problem and trying to work out how to solve it. Take care Z xx

  4. I'm gunna pull me socks up too! No more excuses from me..

  5. Well are those socks still pulled up!

  6. Ok... Monday Morning soon..I will be back tomorrow after work to see how the scales fared up this week...
    I gained a kilo last week... ffs... I need another kik up the butt and get back on track real soon..
    I want to be back in the 60's well and truely by Christmas!!!

  7. You sound really fired up and positive! You can do have done it before:) Nice photo by the way:)