Monday, November 29, 2010

Long weekend

Gina, Robyn, Marian & Carol (standing)

My weekend began on Friday when I had the day off that I booked off over a month ago when we organised the "meet & greet" of a few of us from the "At Home" weight watchers group that I particate on, on the weight watchers site online.
I travelled up to Mandurah where I met up with Robyn, then hopped onto the train and made our way to the city. Rob & I are both real country bumpkins and don't know our way around the city at all...but we managed to find our way to the meeting place (and back to the station 5 hours later with out getting lost).
We all got on like a house on fire and ate, drank coffee and chatted & was an absolutely wonderful day! I didn't want it to end.
But end it did....
I was only home an hour then Simon and Tracey dropped off their kids, they stayed over Friday & Saturday night. They are great kids and always behave for me. I took them up to the pool Saturday arvo after we grocery shopped and had was hot and they had a ball. They slept like babies that night.
Sunday Shawn had his access visit here so I had his 4 kids here as well. Skye had her 7th birthday during the week so I asked Tanya & Paul to bring their 3 out and we had a little party for Skye. It was wonderful...I had 11 out of my 12 grandies here....and even managed a pic of the 11 together !! And a lovely pic of my 6 gorgeous grandaughters. The kids all had a blast....and despite all the goodies thet were there for the "get together" I managed to stay on track.
p.s. Anne, the grandie missing is Luke, he is 14 and lives in Perth with his mother. He is Paul's son from his 1st relationship.


  1. Gorgeous kids!!!! Love the photo of your granddaughters! Which grandie was missing?

  2. look at those beautiful grandies of yours Jen, all those happy smiling faces... precious xxx So glad youve had a fantastic weekend, and even better when we manage to stay on track hun :) congrats on nailing that loss to, YAY!

  3. Oh Jen, what gorgeous grandies you have. How neat having them all (well almost all) there. How special.

    Have a great week.

  4. Gorgeous kids. You are very lucky to have all these beautiful grandchildren. I am holding on for one - maybe soon.
    Great the lunch went well. Maybe I will make it to WA one day and we too can meet up.

  5. How neat that you got almost all your grandchildren together at the same time, they are all lovely looking kids.

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