Friday, December 03, 2010


yay thankfully its Friday again....another long week done ! I got my pay slip today and even having last Friday off I still managed to do over 80 hours for the fortnight! I am tired, and seeing that payslip I can see part of the reason why!! The other part is menopause....its totally sux....wish it would just disappear...heck I am 55 in a couple of months, surely its time. This week I have had to suffer TTOM...where they come from or why I have no idea, but the stomach cramps and bloating is something I just didn't need or want! Guess thats why I only lost a 100grams at weigh in last night. I'd had a great week too! Today I have given myself a free day....just couldn't be bothered eating/tracking and doing everything right! I so need a change, wish my propoints kits would hurry up and arrive. Think what I am doing is getting somewhat stale...need something/everything to change!
Next week is our Christmas dinner for our weight loss group so no weigh in....but I will get myself back on track in the morning and see what I can do. I still do want to be as close to goal as I can for our holiday.
Tomorrow heading off to get my haircut and coloured....looking forward to that...its getting too long. Then its chrissy needs to be finished !

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  1. I hope the weekend went well... Christmas shopping... shit I have done NONE yet!