Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Gonna stay on track

I am not happy with myself for "scoffing" all those choccies last night...I seem to love sabotaging myself don't I?
I woke up this morning determined that I was going to stay on track....from now till we leave on hols. Believe it or not there is only 24 more days to go. Where has time gone? Our friends that we are travelling with rang yesterday...they too are counting down the is Kylee, she can't wait to see us!
Anyways food has been good today....not enough vegies but tomorrow they are on the menu so thats okay.
Also committed myself to doing at least 20 sit-ups a day on my ab machine as well as my daily walk.
Meant to be weigh in tomorrow evening but my ww group doesn't reopen till next week so think I will weigh in on my scales. That won't be pretty, know by my clothes I have gained, but I'll grimace and take to blame but ME!!

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