Saturday, November 06, 2010

Kids today

Last night Shawn was still very teary, was still not eating, still very much in shock about what he had done and missing Shaz so much. He spent a good 2 hours chatting to her on the phone last night.

This morning he was feeling a little more positive though he still wasn't eating, still teary but the trembling had stopped. He was looking very much so to his kids coming out and spending the day with us.

This morning my friend and I met up at 8am and went for a 30 minute walk then went in for an hour session of zumba again. I am still not very coordinated but heck I really enjoyed it today....and worked up quite a sweat. When I arrived home Shawn was on the phone to his Shaz again so progress was being made.

After a hectic 6 hours with the kids....I took Shawn back to his house in town....he was spending tonight getting the house back in order and Shaz is going back tomorrow. They are going to give it another go...Shawn has learnt his lesson this time I think, I hope....time will tell.


  1. praying for Shawn that maybe this time is the defining moment for him..

    and I'm thinking and praying for you too Jen.. it's hard as parent's to sit back and see the mistakes our kids make and not being able to "fix it"...

    love the zumba eh Jen? :) I miss it so much... grumble :( maybe I can get back to it this week (crosses fingers) :)

  2. Poor guy, he does look shaken. I hope his second chance works forever!