Friday, February 19, 2016

Another week gone by….

The last month or so we have had very hot weather with extreme fire conditions and had a lot of bush fires close by. A whole little town 30 minutes up the road was nearly wiped out and 2 lives were lost. The day before yesterday yet another fire started just 10 minutes away and peoples homes were once again under threat. Unfortunately we have some very sick people around as most of the fires around were lit by arsonists ! The last 2 days we have had some much needed relief with cooler weather, I have been loving it and so have the fire fighters too I guess as they finish mopping up the fires.

A week today and I will have these home for a long weekend….my 60th birthday celebrations.
I wasn't going to have a party but we decided it would be nice to get everyone together and celebrate a life. Will be sad too not having Paul but we will raise our glasses and salute those that can't be with us. 

Weigh in today…and I was delighted to see 2.1 gone this week. Going to be hard to maintain that with lots on this week, a few meals and drinks out….but hey I will give it a go. 


  1. Gorgeous pic of Kylee and William. Amazing loss - well done you - could see that you were notching up the steps - obviously worked well. Have a lovely birthday party xx

  2. Awesome loss, hope the weather stays good for the fires. It must be scary, why do people feel the need to start fires I will never understand. Beautiful photo :)

  3. Congrats on the loss!!!! WOO HOOO!

    I just can't understand arsonists!!! It makes me sick!