Friday, March 11, 2016

2nd opinion

I have been on tenterhooks all this week waiting for today to find out what the results of my sister's cat scan on her breast. She went to the Dr today and he THINKS it just a swollen gland and he wants her to keep an eye on it and if it doesn't go away go back and they will do a biopsy.
My sister wasn't over concerned and was happy with that.
Me..I was gobsmacked!! 
I told her I would have had at least thought they would have done a biopsy just to make sure.
Nope, she said I will just keep an eye on it. Told her it was her call but I was concerned.
SO….I rang my brother. Told him all the above and asked him if I was over thinking it?? 
He said I might be considering all that I had been through of late BUT he would talk to her and remind her of his ex girlfriend Margaret and her breast lump that did turn out to be a nasty cancer.
Later on this evening I had a text back from my sister saying thank you Sis, I am getting a second opinion as soon as she can get an appointment with a female Dr as it would be be better to be safe than sorry.
phewwwww I can breathe a little easier for awhile now.

It was weigh in day today. Wasn't sure how I would go as I had a real bad day yesterday, it was 6 months since we had lost Paul but my very dodgy scales said a loss of 300gms. 
I really need new scales but they can wait till the end of this challenge. 

Just 16 days till we fly to Sydney, 19 days till we set sail….

Now onwards to I hope a better stressless week.


  1. So glad your sister is getting a second opinion. Just got news weeks ago that a friend of mine in South Australia - a year younger than me has Stage 3 breast cancer - had a mastectomy last week and soon starts chemo and radiotherapy. Her daughter (37) got checked since and had to have 9 core biopsies taken plus 2 slides - got the ok for now but has to have 6 monthly mammograms and ultrasounds for the next 2 years. So no you definitely weren't overreacting xx

  2. Wow.... very glad that your sister is getting a second opinion!!!