Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Day 25

 The above pics show me and my best friends Robyn (in green) and Carol on a day out in Perth. Rob lives 40 minutes from me in Mandurah so I drove up there and met her at hers and then we caught the train up to Perth to catch up with Carol and then spent the day shopping, yakking, yakking and more shopping. Gina,  another good friend of ours met up with us lunch. It was the best day. Amazing that we all get on so well together considering we all met on the weight watchers At Home board in 2005. But we do and have done so since we met. We have shared our ups and down with everything, not just our weight and make a point of getting together regularly. Rob and I being closer we meet up a bit more often. at least every 6 weeks.
Mumma Bear (Hubby's mum) in hospital still after yet another op on her leg. A real worry this all is, the ulcers are not getting any better…and mum's getting quite depressed about it. Mum is unsteady on her feet and has been for a while, and with the leg paining her constantly and not being able to put her weight on it she is getting unsteadier…finding it hard to even get herself off to the bathroom even with her walker. 
Now this little man is into everything. Up on the lounges now and climbing all over Daddy. He is walking more and more and even trying to run!!
I am on the countdown to Christmas when I see them again. 

Day 25 today of my challenge to myself and I am happy. Lost 400 grams on Tuesday at weigh in…and reached my 10k milestone. 
Last night I used some of my pro point "slush" fund as we had visitors so used them up with a few drinks and nibbles. A few low point days will balance it out. 


  1. You all look so happy - it's lovely to catch up with friends IRL.
    Sorry to hear about your MIL - it's so hard when they get frail.
    How big is William getting ? WOW !
    Have the best day and well done on your loss - go you !!!

  2. You look so happy! William is growing like a bloody weed... and I am sure you are going to love seeing him at Christmas time. well done on your weight loss ... you are doing so well.