Tuesday, December 30, 2014

pffffft a gain...

Bahhhh humbug…all my good intentions flew out the window on Christmas Day when Kylee rang me to say they would be down that day…and not Boxing Day as they had planned. I was beyond excited…couldn't stop smiling and well the eating followed. But I fronted up at my meeting today and faced the numbers…they weren't good, a 2.8  gain. Not a great way to end 2014…but next week is a new week and a New Year. Bring it on I say….only 75 days to go till we go cruising…hopefully with me at goal….

Pics were taken by the photographer I got for Garry and Kylee when William was born. My birthday present for William was having her take pics of William 1 year on…aren't they just great??


  1. Bugger about the gain, though I'm sure you will lose it again fairly quick.
    I love the photos of Kylee and her family... William is adorable.

  2. It's tough over this festive time. But you've owned it and now just move on. Not sure how I went yet as we didn't have a meeting Monday but we have our own FB page and our leader has us all refocused so next Monday shouldn't be too bad. Love the pics - what a great pressie. Hey would you like an invite to a couple of FB groups - I find them really interesting with some great ideas and lots of support and inspiration. A bit like our old blogger community used to be. Message me on FB if you'd like me to add you to them. Happy new year xxx