Thursday, January 01, 2015


 To all my blogger friends and anyone that reads….HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all.  May all your dreams come true.
 This is Mr Troublesome Shawn, who I must admit isn't as troublesome as he can be of late. We didn't see him over the Christmas break but he caught up with me at work the other day as well as his little sister…. and he got to cuddle William. 
 Kylee and Garry have taken the twins back to their mother and have left William overnight with me and Pop. he is such a delight…and loves the camera…this is and the selfie below were taken just before I put him down for his afternoon nap. Heck I am going to miss him when they come and pick him up to go back tomorrow. No idea when I will get to see him next. Cruise is in March and then in July we head off on a road trip to Qld. Hopefully between April and July we'll get in a visit. 

And this last one is my favourite from the photographer taken during his cake smash…

See you all next week...


  1. Happy New Year Jen. Have a wonderful cruise. shame you are going to the south island. would have loved to have caught up.

  2. Yes…we were hoping for a different cruise too….but hey we do plan some time in the future to fly to NZ and hire a camper and travel BOTH islands. Won't be for a few years but it is on the list Lee-Anne.

  3. Happy New Year chick. That grandson of yours is so darn cute. Green cake on his face is funny. *smiles*

  4. Love the pics, and awesome if you did travel to NZ in a camper van, always a bed here in Rotorua for you :)