Tuesday, January 06, 2015

New Year begins….

Today being weigh in day I was hoping that I had done enough to lose at least some of the 2.8 gain I had over Christmas. It being a revised program with a new weigh in book, new cookbooks I was hoping to renew my challenge to myself and see me at goal or it for our cruise. 
Anyways the scales showed a 2.1 loss. I was delighted to say the least. I have been tracking a 100% though exercise was not the best (its been too darn hot and I was busy with our little William too) so this week I am motivated to keep the losses coming. 

My goal this week is to get more exercise in other than my work. I want to see more active minutes recorded on my daily fitbit, somedays I don't get very active.
 I always track but this week I also plan on checking point values properly before recording….being a long time ww'er I do tend to guesstimate a little especially if its something I eat regularly. 

Also thrilled to see my DD has got herself a fitbit too…hoping that will help her to lose some weight. Her and Garry would love more children so she has to get herself motivated. William was a little miracle, lets hope with a few kilo's lost DD can carry another little miracle to the family. 

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  1. Go you! Fantastic work. I bought the new Quick 6 cookbook - some fantastic recipes in there.