Thursday, January 29, 2015

More ups and downs

Kylee and little William arrived here on Saturday and stayed here every night and was driving up to Perth every day to see Garry. 
Garry treatment included 

  • Plasma exchange (plasmapheresis). The liquid portion of part of your blood (plasma) is removed and separated from your blood cells. The blood cells are then put back into your body, which manufactures more plasma to make up for what was removed. Plasmapheresis may work by ridding plasma of certain antibodies that contribute to the immune system's attack on the peripheral nerves.
These treatments are equally effective. Mixing them or administering one after the other is no more effective than using either method alone.
You also are likely to be given medication to:
  • Relieve pain, which can be severe  Garry did have a fair amount of pain and had to have relief. 
  • Prevent blood clots, which can develop while you're immobile
People with Guillain-Barre syndrome need physical help and therapy before and during recovery. Your care may include:
  • Movement of your arms and legs by caregivers before recovery, to help keep your muscles flexible and strong
  • Physical therapy during recovery to help you regain strength and proper movement
  • Training with adaptive devices, such as a wheelchair or braces, to give you mobility and self-care skills
  • Exercise therapy, to cope with fatigue…and Garry did have physio twice a day and came home with exercises he has to do twice daily to help his recovery.   He came home on Tuesday afternoon and spent yesterday relaxing before heading part the way home today. Kylee will be doing the driving has Garry hasn't the strength to handle the drive.
On Monday afternoon hubby and I drove up to Mandurah to my friend Robyn's house as she had won 4  tickets to the Perth sky show and asked us to join her and her hubby. We accepted with pleasure. We caught the train up and spent a lovely afternoon. It was soooo hot but the evening cooled down enough to enjoy our picnic hamper, bottle of wine and ice creams before the sky show began.   
That didn't help the weigh in the next morning…a 400g gain showed on the scales. 
Its been soooooo hot….little William has spent as much time as he was able to in this little paddle pool……boy am I going to miss him….going to be 3 months before next visit, Kylee and Garry have a wedding in Perth to go to in late April so will look forward to that. 

My Mantra this week….I can do it…
2 weeks and 2 gains, only small ones
but I want them gone !!

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