Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Day 32

This is a cropped pic of me, taken on my trip to Perth last week. That day feel like eons ago now. Its been go go go…what with work, shopping and trying to keep on top of the housework.  Plus having the stress of mil in hospital in Perth.  She is progressing so so slowly. She had skin grafts today which we didn't want her to have. Specialist/surgeons/doctors all told her it will help with the healing, but now she has had grafts taken off the thighs on both legs to deal with along with the ulcers. Worried much about her, she is after all 89 years old and was struggling with just the pain and discomfort of the ulcers!

Was meant to pick up some new glasses last week. Was called in to see them, but was told they would have to be sent back as they had left a ridge around the outside of the eyepieces. On trying them on you could see it…so hopefully this week I'll have them, be nice to have them for Christmas. 

Weigh was yesterday, a loss of 100g…not a lot but all those little numbers all add up. Its day 32 of my 100 day challenge…I feel good and committed. I have not had a gain since I started the challenge…and thats was part of the challenge to myself. 



  1. so sorry for your poor wee MIL, she is suffering and at her age it's just not fair.
    As for the weight losses... YOU ROCK and are doing so well.

  2. OMG how do I get that 'I'm not a robot' thingee????