Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Rejoining ww

No matter how hard I try...and believe me I have been trying since 2010....I can't seem to lose these 10kilo's plus I have gained.
I joined ww in 2005, reached goal in 2007, maintained till 2010 when we went on holidays....and since then all I have done is yoyo. I gain, then lose...and when I don't lose I sabotage myself and emotionally eat..then of course I gain again. Its just becoming one big vicious circle which I can tell you is doing my head in....and which leads to more "oh what the heck" ....and more eating.
I use the online tracker but I am not a online member. I have tried the "At Home" plan having a consultant ringing me weekly, I have tried hypnosis, also Kate Morgan, low carb, and a few others to no avail.
I have a great support base (online and off) but know within myself I need to go back to the meetings.
I need the Tuesday morning I am going back to my first meeting. Its a work day...but have cleared it with my boss,  I will start work earlier and leave for 30 minutes to weigh and stay for the meeting then go back to work.
I need this.
I can do this.
I will do this.

You haven't failed till you quit trying !


  1. You can do it Jen. That's a great quote too and so very true.

  2. Love that quote, I have also rejoined WW but online, and yes you will do it :)

  3. Do what you need to do to make you happy and if it helps.. go for it!!
    I dont know what i am going to I need to stop dicking about and JFDI!!!!

  4. You can and you will! Great step to take.