Tuesday, April 23, 2013

More Birthdays.

Happy 5th Birthday to Matthew
 Matthew turned 5 on the 18th....had a small party up at Macca's before they left for a week down at the coast for some school holiday fun. I went up there straight after work for a quick cuddle and to give him his pressie before having to head home, shower and head to my meeting.
On Sunday we were to head up to Simon's and Tracey's for a bbq, but the weather turned  and it rained. So I ended up cooking up a garlic potato dish and headed up there by myself, hubby having woken up with a thumping headache (these grandee's are VERY vocal, and loud). It was so lovely to catch up with them all and spend time with all. 

Zoe and her pet rat Sam

Jessie and her pet rat Charlie



My son Simon and his ferret Peppy
This little creature was Simon's birthday pressie to him from Tracey and the kids in January and its a gorgeous lil thing. So curious, so cuddly....so cheeky. I could have spent hours just watching her as she investigated everything.
Fresh fish for dinner last night.
Dinner last night, very yummy fresh fish....just coated in a wee bit of flour to stop it sticking to pan...cooked in a wee bit of olive oil. Served with baked sweet potato and tomato...very deeelish.

Weigh in ..... I really must get new scales....I keep on getting too many different weights....but first time on scales is the one I am keeping....which is a sts. Disappointed, thought I had done better. If nothing else I am good at maintaining....

On to next week.


  1. Your grandchildren are adorable!! And I didn't realise you could have ferrets as pets, awesome! (don't think we can in nz) I had a pet possum when I was a kid and loved it!!... that fish looks amazing and congrats on sts, better than a gain :)

  2. I know it just becomes so much hard work to even loss 100g. But hang in there it's so worth it xxx

  3. Love those grandkids times:-)

    Scales can be frustrating, keep on going it will happen!