Wednesday, May 01, 2013


Yesterday I rejoined weight watchers...and what a relief it was, it felt good walking in that door and being met by an old friend. I was so excited that when I stepped on the scales I was still in my work shoes and had 2 phones and my work keys in my pockets !! What a duffer....but hey at least I know next Tuesday I will have a loss, cos I won't have them in my pocket then !! 

Yesterday was also exciting for another reason...I am just over the moon.
My dear daughter has been feeling very off colour for the past few in her words, she piddled on a stick 3 times and 3 times it said she was pregnant !! After all the trouble she had trying to get pregnant with her ex and her last Dr saying she had polycystic ovary syndrome and possibly wouldn't be able to have children unless she had a op and possible hormone treatment....this was a HUGE surprise to her.....thus the appointment yesterday for an ultrasound to have it confirmed.
Its early days yet, she is only 6 weeks pregnant....but the grin on her face...and mine....are huge.
We are going to have a Christmas baby. As yet very few people know, I can't wait for her to say I can tell everyone.....shhhhhhhhhhh 


  1. Oh Jen - what wonderful news and so happy for your daughter - Mums the word!! and good for you going back to WW. xx

  2. Yes Z, its wonderful, I am still grinning from ear to ear.

  3. OMG - I thought I would come onto your blog to let you know I just K's photo on FB and to let you know I thought she looks fabulous! Then I read this. Such great news for her! (and you of course) she looks so happy!

  4. Thanks Anne, she is the happiest I have seen her, and of course that makes me happy. As for the coming addition...we are over the moon, especially her !!

  5. What wonderful news - a christmas baby. Congratulations to all.

  6. Thanks is truly wonderful