Friday, November 04, 2011

I am

Yesterday I went up to the cabinet makers that  did a quote on my kitchen and had a look at all the plans on his computer in 3D. It looked absolutely AWESOME !!!  I fell soooooo in love.  Later on he emailed me the quote.....hubby took one look and said NO BLOODY WAY am I spending that much money!!!  And not included in the quote was the electrician and plasterer.....
I may go back to him today and say...hey can we cut the costs down somehow so I get what I reallllllllly want in the kitchen and forget a forget the others...
Otherwise I guess its back to the drawing board for me......

Last night was weigh in for me....a 500g loss for me,  remember this was over 2 weeks.....but I'll take it ... I need it.
Will try my dress that I want to wear for the wedding on again today...hopefully these 36 days without choccies & bikkies will show up more that way.

Edit....Emailed the cabinet maker re: my kitchen and told him I couldn't accept his quote at his quoted price. Also sent him a few modifications asking if they would reduce the price. He emailed back and said to leave it with him, asking what my budget was all up including electrician,  plasterer etc .....and he'd get back to me next week.  Fingers crossed for me !!


  1. Bugger about the kitchen but great about the loss :-)

  2. Well done on the loss - GREAT WORK !!!

    Sorry to hear about the quote from the cabinet maker - hope he can come back with something more affordable.

    Have a great weekend !