Friday, November 11, 2011

pfffffft !!

Now that above shows my face exactly at weigh in last night !!
When I saw the scales I said FUCK  farkkkkkkkk !!!
How could that have happened ???
I have excersised 30 to 45 minutes every day this last week, I have watched what I have eaten, haven't eaten anything that I shouldn't have so I was very pissed peeved off !!
sheeeeeeeeeeesh I still haven't touched a chocolate or a bikkie for 43 days !!!  ( sshhhh I have eaten a couple of cookies though !!!)

Anyways only 12 more days till we head off to the wedding. We will pick Kylee up from the airport at 7am on the way through....thats if Quantas don't go out on strike again !!!
Don't think I will be wearing the dress I want.....still need to lose a few kilo's before it fits me the way I want it too.......
Anyways it wasn't a mega amount that I gained, BUT hopping on MY scales this morning I was 1.4 down on the reading on the scales last night. So I am going back to weighing myself in the mornings again....I prefer it anyways.


  1. Morning weigh-ins are always more accurate than evening weigh-ins. I only weigh myself in the morning and NEVER get on the scales in the evening.

    Keep at it - you still have nearly two weeks to lose a bit more.

    Take care !

  2. I would love to see what you are going to wear!

  3. Loved the picture and know the feeling. Only weigh in the morning before breakfast. Things usually look rosier then especially after you have been so good.