Wednesday, May 13, 2015

A gain...

After my absolute shit week 2 weeks ago, I decided on a "no weigh" last week to give myself time to sort my head out, find my "mojo" again. Well I had a reasonable week last week, got back on track, well 90% on track, upped the exercise and got my head ready for a weigh in. 
Weigh in showed a 1.2 gain…yep disappointed but it was no surprise. 
This week I am "with it" and have put a lot of thought into my food, and after browsing my old old way back when I got to goal books, I am ready to give this my best shot.
Under 10 weeks to go before we head off on our drive across the nullabor to Queensland …I hope to have lost at least 5 kilo's before then. I just want to fit back into my clothes properly again and be comfy travelling. 

Late night trading every night of the week has just been introduced here so all my hours are to be adjusted to fit in with that. Roster goes up tomorrow….fingers crossed that the hours will suit me. Going to be a few growls if they don't…..

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