Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Another week down….

Another week has flown by….a week with lots of work shifts, but the $'s are needed…only 7 weeks and we are off on holidays again.
Monday was a day off so picked up Shawn and took him to meet his kids after school and have some fun with them. Unless I organise it he won't do it, things aren't the best between Shawn and the kids mothers partner. Its stupid stubborn pride on his part and I can't get him to realise how much the kids do miss him, especially the eldest girl Skye. 
Anyways most of the weekend off for me, only have a 6 hour shift to do on Sunday which will be finished at 12 then Monday is a public holiday too. I am picking up the 2 boys for a sleepover on Friday night, taking them back on Saturday and picking up the girls and I don't think I am going to get them home till Monday. They love staying here…and I enjoy having them. 

Weigh in today, a 400 gram loss this week…onwards to next week. 


  1. It is wonderful that you help Shaun see his kids.
    Well done on the loss, onwards to next week.

  2. Sorry spelt Shawn's name wrong.