Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Counting down...

This is the ultrasound pic of my next grandchild….Kylee's little man. I love this pic.
She had to have a ultrasound yesterday to see if he was still breech…which he is, but everything else is all okay. 
On Friday she is going to see a specialist to see if he can be turned…hope so, Kylee doesn't want to have a caesar unless she has to.

I have woken up with a headache this morning, trying to get rid of it before work this morning…

Weigh in day too…a small gain, next week will be better. 


  1. Ultrasounds are getting better and better nowadays, a positive with new technology. Getting close now, and hope they can turn the baby :)

  2. Isnt is exciting to go to an ultrasound!
    Small gain this week means a good one next week ;)

  3. Cute pic!



  4. His already looks adorable! How exciting.