Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Been busy….

We had to pick all the peaches of our tree as they ripened up at the same time…and were falling off the tree and going to waste. We got friends to come and take some, but still we had so many left. I ended up cooking/blanching/stewing them and now have nearly 30 containers in the freezer. I also bought a pie maker and made up a heap of pies….the apple and peach combined were yum. I also made some peach cupcakes which were absolutely deelicicous.
 While Kylee has been away we got to and finished all the flooring in her house…so now it is nearly all ready for her to get a agent in to get it assessed ready for rental. We go up to Geraldton to meet up with her and Garry on Saturday and bring her home to wait out the last month of her pregnancy. Garry will follow her down in 2 weeks time and will stay till after the Near Year.
Kylee has an ultrasound on Monday 2nd to see where bub is, as at her Drs visit on the 15th he was still breech. If he is still breech on Friday 6th she has an appointment with a specialist to have him turned. 
On the 21st of this month our little grandee Skye had her 10th birthday. I took her Daddy around to hers so he could give his little gig a birthday cuddle….she was thrilled.

Now to end…weigh in was Tuesday….happy to report a 1. 3 loss, I am happy with that.  Just got myself into a routine where I am eating sensibly again…and thinking before eating. It hasn't been easy as work has changed my shifts…so my regular routine is in disarray.
Am on the road this weekend…mantra is no junk. Esky is already sitting on the table, I will pack healthy snacks for the 7 hour road trip so no junk food for me. 


  1. Congrats on the loss Jen, coincidently I lost 1.3 kg this week too, high five :)

    Love those pies!


  2. Well done on the loss - go you !!!!
    Those pies look delicious - I wish I lived closer and could pop over and taste one !!!
    Have a sfae trip.