Monday, November 18, 2013


 On Saturday we drove 6 hours plus from our house to Geraldton with Kylee. We were not prepared to let Kylee drive all the way to Carnarvon by herself at 34 weeks pregnant…no way. So she arranged with Garry to drive down from Carnavon and meet us at our friends place (a 4 hour drive) and pick up Kylee from our friends there. So whilst there Kylee got to practice on little Gus who is 6 weeks old. So Kylee is up in Carnavon for the next 2 weeks, then hubby and I have to do the drive again to pick her up and bring her home again….ready to wait out the last month of her pregnancy.
She has a ultrasound on her return to see if bubba has turned her not….as last Dr checkup on Friday showed him still breech. If he is, Kylee has a specialist appointment to see if he can be turned.

This afternoon I had a very very dear friend from the Blue Mountains who I met in 2006 come in for a visit whilst she is in WA for a few weeks. It was a wonderful relaxing for few hours reminiscing and chatting. Our hubbies got along very well too which was great, left time for lots of gossip for us.
Whilst Kylee is away I have her cat Troubles and Shera her dog staying. Late in the afternoon I took Shera down the beach….she has so missed her walks down there and so have I.

Today….finally I have got myself back on track. I have cleared my online tracker, all old data has been deleted (I printed it out first)…and I am beginning anew. I know I will have moments where I indulge….but the thought of failing is not an issue, not this time. My scales screamed at me the other day….now is the time BEFORE I end up where I started in 2005…. so one week at a time…small goals, small challenges…will result in BIG happy results.


  1. Well done Jen. Hope the weeks going well for you so far.

    I started blogging as another way to help with the weight loss. That's what I'm going to mainly blog about from now on. Let's keep giving each other little prods to keep us on track.

  2. Good for you---clearing and starting afresh!