Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Police still searching...

No info too small: bomb investigators

AAP, The West AustralianNovember 6, 2013, 11:22 am
No info too small: bomb investigators
Police and military scoured the Australind area last week for any further packages of explosives and clues to who put them there. Picture: Lincoln Baker/The West Australian
    WA Police are making another high-profile appeal for information- no matter how small or seemingly insignificant - to help them solve the mystery of explosive chemicals found in Australind last week.
    Today, officers will distribute posters throughout the South West requesting information. For the next few hours police will be at Bunbury Forum, Centre Point Plaza, Bunbury and Australind Shopping Centre.
    Police today confirmed that the second suspicious package found in a waterway last week was more of the deadly terrorist chemical explosive TATP.
    A massive police operation was launched after a member of the public discovered the package containing 3kg of TATP hidden underwater near a jetty at Leschenault Estuary at Australind, south of Perth.
    The first package was mistakenly identified as illicit drugs and transported through the Perth CBD and stored in WA police major crime headquarters.
    After the explosive was identified, it was delicately moved to a local racetrack before being detonated.
    A second package was discovered in the estuary 36 hours later, and was eventually detonated underwater by police and navy divers
    After confirming the second package was TATP, the WA Police issued a social media appeal for information.
    Acting Commander Scott Higgins said no further chemicals had been found around the waterway.
    The incident has prompted a review of police protocols when suspicious substances are discovered.
    Police continue to investigate who hid the chemicals in the estuary and are not ruling out the possibility they had sinister plans, including terrorism.
    TATP, which can be manufactured from household ingredients and is known as “Mother of Satan“, was used in the 2005 London bombings.
    The discoveries last week coincided with a major gathering of foreign ministers and diplomats in Perth, the Indian Ocean Rim Association for Regional Cooperation meetings.
    Today, Acting Commander Scott Higgins said that as a result of an exhaustive search of the area, which has now concluded, police could reassure the community that no further chemicals had been found.
    A police spokeswoman said police would immediately advise the community if there was any further concern for public safety.
    "The public are reminded to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activity to police," she said.
    Information can be provided to police in the following ways.
    Talk directly to a police officer
    • Today - uniformed officers will be in local shopping centres in the Australind/Bunbury area;
    • the Mobile Police Facility will be located at the Australind Jetty car park and will be manned 9am-4pm;
    • Water Police will be speaking to people using the Estuary and waterways and officers will be
    available at the Australind and Bunbury police stations.
    Call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000
    Online via Crime Stoppers at
    Information is kept strictly confidential and you may remain anonymous by contacting Crime Stoppers.
    Remember that no information is too small or irrelevant.
    Your piece of information may be the one that completes the puzzle.
    Please don’t assume that someone else has told us the information

    I have never seen so many police, detectives, army personal in one place…everywhere you look there is one or the other. No complaints from me, the person/persons responsible for hiding the chemicals need to be found. As yet they have no leads. Uniformed police were in the shopping centre today and were available to talk too with any titbit of information they could receive.

    On to other things….Kylee has finished work completely and is now in the process of slowly packing up her house. 
    On Saturday morning her girlfriend is hosting a baby shower here for her as my place is central and have plenty of room. I dislike her best friend BUT she is Kylee's friend and doesn't have to be mine. The shower is going to a "high tea" and I have had a girlfriend who makes the most deeevine looking (and I believe very tasty too) cupcakes with baby boy and frog (as Kylee has nicknamed her lil man Froggie) as my contribution to the tea.  Will post pics next week.
    All is going well with the pregnancy, she is nearly 33 weeks….and the lil man is still breech. Hope the lil bugga turns for her before he is born, Kylee so wants a natural birth.

    On the weight front, a 600g loss at last weigh in….back on track again. 
    Work is changing my shifts around and I won't have time to stay for meetings anymore, will have to weigh and run, but that won't matter for a little while.
    Been trying a few nice recipes out….and now the weather is fining up, a lot of bbq's. Love a barbe.

    Just to finish, my agapanthus as it opens. I have never been able to grow these. Bought them before and they usually die, never to flower…..but yay this year, it as you can see I didn't waste my money.  mmmmm maybe because hubby is doing all the gardening now…...


    1. Well done on your loss !!! Good work.
      Love the photos of your 'aggie's panties' flowers (what we used to call them when we were kids !!!)
      Have the best day !

    2. Has baby boy turned yet?
      Lovely flower photos.
      And... what's with her friend? Any specific reason you don't like her?

    3. Hi Chris,

      Baby still breech at last Dr visit.
      Her friend, well I haven't spoken to her since she called me a C**T because she couldn't take a joke. That is one reason in many.

    4. OK... totally not on anyone calling any other person a C*#t!!!!! And in particular the mother of her friend... what was she thinking?