Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Baby shower….

 Kylee and one of her best friends, Rachel. Rachel is having her little boy 6 weeks after Kylee.

 The gorgeous cupcakes that I great ww friend of mine made for me for Kylee. The darn things were so deeeelicious…..that yep I DID overindulge. Ahhh well it was so worth it. 

 Yep…me. Cupcake in one hand, dummy in the other, tape measure to measure the size of Kylee's tum tied up in my hair.
 This is Fiona, a very dear friend of mine who I met many years ago up in Onslow. We had our baby girls 6 weeks apart..
And this is Carol and Robyn, very dear friends of mine that I met 8 years ago through weight watchers.

A fun day was enjoyed by us all
Kylee and I have some lovely friends who spoilt us rotten with some lovely gifts. 
Great food, even better company, lots of laughs.

WI…need I say…a gain for me. I didn't stop after the cupcakes I am afraid. 
Back on track again now…sorta….


  1. It is getting exciting! Another darling baby due soon. I hope Kylee has her partner with her for the birth.

  2. Sometimes you just have to relax and enjoy the day without the added stress of what you should or should not be eating :)

  3. Looks like everyone had a good time - which is the whole point of getting together isn't it ?
    Take care and be good !!!

  4. That's life Jen. Relax and enjoy the good times. So exciting for you all - another little baby to love:-)