Wednesday, December 18, 2013


This is dear daughter…nearly ready to pop last week. This week she was scheduled to have her cesarean as bub is not interested in turning out of his breech position. Today as she had not received word from the hospital as to when she was scheduled her and Garry visited the hospital and they were informed that a place had NOT been booked for her!!!!  Now she has to wait for her due date late NEXT week unless of course she goes into labour before then….and they will do an emergency cesear. 
I was soooo looking forward to meeting my little grandson on Friday….now I have to wait…..very impatiently.

I too am disappointed in myself….I can't get myself back on track. My clothes are getting tighter and tighter….and I am finding some things at work a real chore to do, because of the weight.  I HAVE TO do something and do it soon, or I am going to find myself right back where I started in 2004….fat, very fat. 


  1. Watch your words, CAN get back on track! Praying for you, that things will align for you to get back on that track. I know it isn't easy...but you CAN!! I believe in you!

  2. Well bugger for your daughter! The only consolation is that BABY WILL BE BORN eventually!
    I'm a bit like you with the weight, I do well for months, then BOOM... totally lose the plot again.

  3. You will get back on track, in the meantime enjoy the baby when it arrives which I hope is sooner than later, especially in this weather. Have an awesome weekend :)

  4. First of all I just wanted to pop in and wish you all a very Merry Christmas.

    Here's hoping that little baby decides to make a move - soon!

    And very much like you on the weight issue - it's tough!