Tuesday, June 26, 2007

2nd official weigh in

Last night I went to my 2nd weigh in since I achieved LTM.....its great I only have to weigh officially once a calender month now. I am happy maintaining, I seem to be finding it easy. I would like to eventually get to my personal goal of 65kilo's but I am in no hurry. I am happy doing what I am at the moment....and not ready to get into lose mode again yet. I spent over 18 months losing weight, and have enjoyed these last 3 months maintaining !! I have had so much encouragement from all my friends and family since I made goal and LTM espesially from my online friends...and that includes all you lovely blogger friends!! THANK YOU !!! How can I fail with all that support?? It's really great as I thought once I got to goal and LTM people would think I don't need the support anymore.....but believe me I do, it helps soooooo much !!!
Anyways last night I weighed in at 67.5 which was 800grams down from last month weigh in ..........and 100grams down from my scales.....


  1. So glad you're finding LTM easy and enjoying it at the same time! Love the idea of only having to weigh in once a month!

  2. You know what?? I could congratulate you on your loss but I'm not going to ...

    I'm going to congratulate you on maintaining!!! Awesome chickey!! I so know how hard it is maintaining, although easy to do headwise, motivation wise ... it takes energy ... so well done!!

  3. What an inspiration you are. Thank you for sharing on this colourful blog. You have done a fantastic lifestyle change and I'm proud of you.
    I do hope you meet your personal goal eventually..... Be very happy now..cj

  4. Well done Jen - you are an inspiration - showing us that once we get to goal we can stay there.
    Love the meaningful motivators!