Monday, June 11, 2007

Look at me now....

This was me a couple of years ago, out having a few drinks at a big speedway windup.....and I thought I looked good, as I had just lost 10 kilo's........

And this is me now with those same jeans I was wearing....ohhhhhhhhhhh what a feeling!!!

I weighed in tonight on my own scales, and was 67.3....thats .7 up on last week, but that is to be expected with me recovering from my 24 hour fast for the colonscopy and ohhhhhhhhhhh and the most dddddddddeliciousssssssssssssss meal out on Friday night where I ate my all time favourite dessert Pavola for the first time since I started my ww journey....mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm yum!!!


  1. Holy cow Jen - I love seeing all your before and after photos! Please keep them coming!!!
    You are doing so well with your maintenance too - well done! Mmmm, I love pav's too...
    Hope you have a lovely week!

  2. OMG Jen! That is amazing. You deserve to be very proud of yourself.

  3. WOWZERS!! Jen you are one amazing woman!! such an inspiration to us all *hugs*

  4. doesnt food taste so much better when we don't have it all the time?? Very cool photos ... such a difference!!!

  5. Wow...What a journey
    You can make each leg into a skirt and have two outfits.
    Well done...cj x

  6. Wow!!! Amazing difference!! That blew me away. What a feeling whould be an understatement!!!!

  7. Jen, Jen!!!!!! Where are you??? I can't see you.

    Oh, there you are. Hiding in those really big pants.

    Well done, Jen. Oh, and don't you love colonoscopies? hehehe. And the stuff they make you drink .....

    My mum had one done just a few weeks ago. She was telling some friends and they asked her where she had it done. She said "In her bum, where'd you expect?". Am I at all like her? NO!!!

  8. that you Jen??? If I hadn't met you in person last year I would say - definately not. What an amazing transformation, you are half the person you were judging by those pants. How about blogging the pic of you and Skye in the same pants, that was so cute and even more amazing - you both fitted in there!

  9. OH my goodness...hey how about sharing that picture with us all...not fair Vegie has seen it...
    You look so amazing Jen you have done so very well...
    Berrie :)

  10. WOW is all i can say, Jen you look amazing,your a sexy mama/grandma your transformation is so inspiring to me, seeing you in those jean shorts its absolutley inspirational to me, You have done so well!!! Well you have done better than just well...i dont think words can explain how happy i am for you!!! You go taken your power back!!!
    It just shows what hard work can do!!!! You have given me a renewed inspiration that i too can achieve my goal weight!

    Love Renee x

  11. Wow Jen, you are fantastic. What an inspiration. Those are brilliant pics.