Thursday, December 03, 2015

Been lost…..

Since my last weigh in I have been lost…..

My Mac keyboard died, should have jumped in the car and drove to the Apple store and picked up another, would have been quicker than waiting for J B Hifi to get me one….
So I haven't had my tracker…thats one excuse…

Another had Simon and Tracey's 4 kids…they were great. Had a lot of fun with them….and Paul and Tanya's kids too. All of them spent Saturday here….at times they were lost little souls as they all recalled favourite memories they had of their Daddy/Uncle.  Tears flowed for us all. 

We are having a "celebration of Paul" down the beach this weekend….writing down some memories to put into a scrapbook for the kids have sent the emotions to a high level.

So weight watchers hasn't even been on my mind…I have eaten every emotion I have felt
Just back from my meeting, I considered a "no weigh" but that wouldn't achieve anything….so I weighed, took the huge 1.8 gain….and its onto a new week, new program….and hopefully me back on track.

Right onwards….a deep breathe and I can do it….

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  1. Good for you weighing in, what a great idea about the scrapbook, the kids will love it. WW must do a new program every year, whats the new one like?. Have a great week :)