Friday, November 06, 2015

Its been a busy week...

Its been a lonnnnnng week and its still not over….have work again today.
Its so busy too…and we are down in staff so I have been covering a few shifts. My poor legs have been feeling it too
Not much has been happening on the home front…we are taking it day by day. Canvas Factory had a huge 70% off sale online so I have organised a big canvas of us all with Paul which should arrive this week. Also had one done up for Tanya for her and the kids for Christmas.
Have my nephews Anthony's 21st tomorrow night, Paul was his godfather so its going to be one of those "firsts" for us…Paul enjoyed the "shed" parties out at Anthony's, many a time he slept in his swag  after a party there. 

Weigh in yesterday, 800g off…

Best get a wriggle on…work to get too, will do a bigger post next time. 


  1. One day at a time Jen - and you're doing so well - just keep plodding. xx

  2. As Zanna said, one day at a time. Good work on your loss - that's excellent - keep it up !