Thursday, October 29, 2015

Another week

It was school sports carnival this week and my grandees did well. Miss Ashlee was her age champion girl…..and Master Matthew did very well. 
A few tears were had by them all as Daddy wasn't there to talk to them and hug them on their achievements….but I am sure he was watching from above. 

It was also Simon's and Tracey's boys up in Collie's sports day too and both boys made champion boys….how cool is that?
Unfortunately I never got to see any of the sports days as I had to work, but hopefully I will be able to attend the inter school sports carnival and see at least some of them race.

I was feeling very lethargic last week, too tired to get out of the way of my own shadow. Housework has suffered, a long way behind in some chores. Luckily no extra shifts at work as I don't think I could have managed them. 
Starting to feel a little better these past few days.
Weight watchers weigh in today, a sts the same which I sort of expected, I haven't been focused.  
Tomorrow I am heading up to Mandurah to meet with a girlfriend, then we heading to Rockingham to meet up with our other friend. Looking forward to spending some time with my bestest friends. 

Ohhh by the way….its not decided yet but hubby and I are thinking of doing another cruise. The South Pacific and Auckland, Taruanga, and Bay of Islands is on the cards…..anyone near there?


  1. Congrats on the achievements of your grandees - you must be so proud of them !!!
    Enjoy your cruise wherever you go and have the best time catching up with your friends.

  2. I'm in Rotorua, so can pop over to Tauranga to catch up..... Enjoy the time with your friends, always a nice way to just relax. Have a great weekend :)

  3. Ohh enjoy the cruise!!! Where is the South Pacific would be the stops? We just got back. Some of it is very very grotty!!! But you will love NZ!!