Saturday, October 10, 2015


Today Paul has been gone 4 weeks. 
His little family are really struggling….all in different ways. Tanya struggles every day with her own grief, and all the paperwork that has to be sorted and then has to deal with all the emotions the kids have too.  Its so unfair.
I was down there on Thursday and we all had a chat and cry together. My 2 doves flew in whilst I was there, how can they not be an omen.
Ted is okay as he can be, he doesn't say a lot but sometimes I see him stop and just look into space and the wipe away a tear. We try to talk about Paul (and Roses) and have a smile and sometimes a laugh at our memories.  
Tears still flow, I often wake up with tears on my face. Talking with Simon, Shawn and Kylee and they flow. Little things….
I wonder why this world has been so cruel to us. We just keep on losing.
The other kids are having their moments too. Simon has gone up to Onslow to work. Lots of memories up there for him, thats where he and Paul had a lot of their teenage and early 20's together, we lived up there for over 14 years.  No work down here for him, or not enough to support his family….the last 6 months he has had only casual work and they were getting behind….so he is working 20 days away, 10 days home. Shawn comes up to work and sees me for a chat when he can, he at least has stayed out of trouble, I prayed he wouldn't go off the rails as he has a tendency to do so when he gets upset… Kylee…she just wants to come home. 
My anxiety attacks seem to be under control….I've had one more since I saw the Dr and practised what he showed me to do and I was able to breathe through it. Scary much though..
My thoughts are all over the place, jumbled…trying to write whats on my mind but that keeps on jumping from one thing to another…just can't get it down.

Tomorrow its 14 years since I lost my beloved Dad..
Hope you are taking Paul fishing Dad.  xx


  1. Lots of hugs to you and yours xox

  2. {{{HUGS}}} It will take you YEARS to stop feeling so lost and grief stricken Chick. Take it from me. I lost both my brothers and Dad in tragic, separate accidents and time DOES HEAL. But your loss is still too recent to even think about coming to terms with it... you never get over it.