Thursday, November 12, 2015

One day at a time….

It has been a tough week. Work has been super busy and I have been feeling the extra hours that I have done. Have run into some people that knew Paul was sick and they asked how he was doing, its hard to tell people he has passed.
Had a funeral to attend this week, one of Paul's workmates had heart problems that got the better of him and so we attended his final farewell. Same place as Paul's, that hurt.
While we were there Tanya took us to where his ashes are to be placed in a few weeks time. He will be resting under a tree with the sound of the bubbling lake nearby. A seat nearby to sit and reflect and remember. 

 Tanya's mum had a big canvas done up for her, there was 70% off all there canvas's so ordered the one above.  its the first thing you see as you come into our family room from the patio (our main entrance).  Memories galore there….could have made it twice the size.

hahaha I wish it was that easy ehhhh
Weigh in day today, had to run in and weigh and get to work again, I hate missing the meeting but I need the extra $'s.
A loss of 500g so I'll take it. 


  1. A loss is a loss, and 500 grams is nothing to sense at.... The canvas looks awesome :).

  2. Well done on your loss - keep up the good work !!

  3. Gorgeous canvas, wonderful memories.