Monday, January 03, 2011


We travelled down to Manjimup yesterday afternoon and spent a couple of hours with mum before heading out to the speedway track. Was very proud of myself as mum placed lots of yummy's on the table to have with our coffee's but I resisted all. Ted had a few pieces...told me her fruit cake was the best!!
Out at the track I bought a hamburger, heaps of propoints but ohhhhhh so worth everyone of was yummmmmmmmmo! I took fruits for snacks, and thermos's for coffees.
I stayed away from the soft serve icecream van, a real weakness of mine...espesially a sundae with spearmint sauce and nuts...and a chocolate flake !!!! yep...that halo of mine is glowing!
The racing was absolutely fantastic and worth the gate happy we went. I would go back racing in a heartbeat if it wasn't so costly and time consuming. I enjoyed it immensly while I was so have heaps of memeories of some darn good times.
Caught up with some great people that we used to race with, they are still racing but they are wondering with the costs as they are for how long!


  1. Thanks for the pics :)
    Hey way to go with the self control.. very well done ..


  2. Speedway looks like fun... and well done on resisting temptation.