Friday, January 14, 2011

A week of birthdays

It has been a very week both here at week & at home. It has been a week or so of birthdays, my boss was on the 1st, then my sister on the 6th....then the little moppet in the pic with one of my chooks turned 4 on the 7th. On the 10th was Simon's, 11th was Pauls & on the 12th was my friend and ex workmate Zoe. Coming up on Sunday I have my eldest grandughter Jessica turning 9, then on the 20th Shaz has her birthday. To finish january I have a good friend having his birthday on the 21st.....phewwwwwwwwww!!
Tomorrow Shawn has his next access visit with his kids. I asked DCP to bring it forward so he can have the visit as it was scheduled for next weekend...but we won't be here.
I have only 4 working days to go, then Friday we pack up and head off. I want to go Friday night, but me man says Saturday morning..bahhhhhh
This weekend, even thou I have the kids most of Saturday I hope to get a fair bit of packing and sorting done. Most nights this week I have tackled a must do job so I am daily crossing off a job on my list.
On Wednesday I had my At Home weigh in.....happy to report in I am the lowest I have been in a long time....losing 1.2 kilo's!
Last night I had the ww group therapy weigh in...being an evening weigh it showed me 2 kilo's above that one.....but I showed a 500 gram loss from my previous weigh in .... so all good ehhh? (Actually the "group therapy" is a registered weight watchers group of Western Australia) Last night was last weigh in there till I get back from hols. I have a weigh in next Wednesday morning with my ww At home consultant.....and then I have 6 weeks away.
I best be away and start getting ready for bed...a big day tomorrow with Shawn, Shaz & the kids.

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  1. You're going great guns with your losses - I'm just about to join you on WW at home - used them 9 years ago to lose 19kgs and just feel it will help get me established on pro points. Holy hell - what a lot of birthdays! How exciting that your trip is almost here - have a wonderful time, travel safe and look forward to hearing from you if and when you get internet access. Take care Zxx