Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Another week gone....

Last night would have been weigh in tonight but it was a public holiday so no weight watchers meeting. I have been going ok...except for some indulgences over the weekend. I had Simon and Tracey's 4 kids overnight......my ears are ringing still as they are soooooo LOUD !! They are great kids, very easy to entertain. They love cooking, shopping for the ingredients, love planning excursions...just full on they are!

On Saturday after I had my hair done.... (Pop looked after them for the hour or so while I was away) ....they all decided we would have home made pizza's for dinner, so we wrote out the shopping list and went shopping. They bought their pocket money too...so the "reject shop" (a $2 shop) was a must for a visit to buy their treasures !

After the shopping expedition it was home, chores, then the kids started cooking.....the pizza's were demolished ... no leftovers with them !
Sunday after breakfastand the chores it was out for a excursion. They chose the jetty at the estuary. They loved it, they scrambled over rocks, tried to name all the the birds, moved rocks to see what little creatures were living under them, spotted crabs and even saw a dolphin...the first time I actually saw them with their mouths open and nothing coming out !!!
Mum and Dad showed up at lunchtime with chicken treat and loaves of fresh bread.....ohhhhhh yummy !! I can tell you they didn't last very long !
So it was a weekend of over indulging (and not tracking 100%) ..... but Monday morning saw me back on track, walking and tracking again....hopefully by next Monday I will see a loss on the "demon scales"!


  1. Are kids special! We had two of ours yesterday and the noise levels were bad enough with just the pair! Also had a visit to the $2 and then the library and it does my head in how they can't make up their minds!

  2. what a lovely weekend you must have had! you are such a great grandparent, so much fun! bet the kiddies had an absolute ball (may take you a week to get over it!!) but sooooo worth all the lovely memories you have just given them xxxxx

  3. Home made pizza.. my mouth is watering!