Monday, June 14, 2010

A big decision...

During the week I had a phone call from DCP .. wanted to make sure it was okay by me that Shawn have his access visit at home on Saturday. He was only getting the 3 eldest kids, little Kaleb was away with his foster carers for the weekend. Shawn will get a extra visit some other time with just him. During the phone call I was asked if I would consider taking Jaydene into my care till she was ready to go back to Hannah...or at least take her for respite care. Jaydene is being moved again...this will be her 4th foster home since she was put into care. Going back to mum, even thou she has Skye is NOT an option.

Ted and I have agonised over this decision...and it may appear as thou we are selfish but we have decided not to take her under our wing...but we will do respite with her one long weekend a month.
We love this little girl dearly, as we do all our grandies, but on making this decision we did take into consideration our ages, our work and lifestyle. I have to work, I want to retire in a few more years with some money in the bank so I can enjoy some time travelling with hubby before we get too old....have to remember hubby is 62 (8 years older than me).
But the main reason we are going to say no is that Jaydene needs 1 on 1 care all day everyday, and if I have to work and put her in daycare I can't do that.
I am going to suggest she get put into a foster home with other children (each home she has been the only child and both foster carers have been workers) and if possible with one of her siblings.....she needs a family.
Anyways Shawns visit with his 3 kids was fantastic...he spent the whole 6 hours playing and enjoying the time with his little ones.....he is a good daddy.
To finish, it was weigh in night tonight....afer 2 weeks of being on track, tracking and eating well I thought I would have done well...nahhhhhhhhh a whole measly 100grams was all I managed.....sheeeeeeez next week better be better, bloody demon scales!!!!!


  1. I can understand your decison, at some point we have to look after ourselves too... that is why I am taking NO MORE kids in!
    Poor wee Jaydene though, passed from one family to another.. I hope she and her siblings get to go home to their Mum soon!

  2. You aren't selfish at all. Initially my first thoughts would be to have her, but then you have to also do what is best for you and Ted. It must have been so hard to make the decision. Are there any other family members, e.g. uncles, aunts, other grand parents etc?

  3. You are not selfish. You are a wonderful mother and grandmother (and daughter and sister).

  4. I'm with you all the way - but I know how hard it must have been for you. But you have to think of yourselves - you've done everything you possibly could for your family and you have earned a peaceful retirement. But there's also Jaydene's future too - she needs to be mixing with younger people and getting the benefit of a proper family environment as you say. But I'm sure you're still beating yourself up - don't!!! Zxx

  5. I totally understand your decision, it's not selfish at all, infact a very wise decision. And congratulate your loss!! 100g is still a loss, you are still lighter than the week before regardless of how much. But still bumms I know!

  6. goah i dont envy you haveing such a hard decision to make Jen, and for the record you would have to be the least selfish person i know!! xxxx