Monday, June 28, 2010

Another weigh in.....

......and another loss....but only 200grams. A bit disappointed with that as I have been a real good girl....except in the excersise department. Seems excersise helps thats my goal this week. Its been too darn cold to go walking of a morning, we been having 0 degree mornings with frosts...and its soooooooo dark. So I have found out all my walking dvd's so thats what I will be 30 sits up morning and night on my ab machine.
Tomorrow night we have a DCP worker coming out to assess us for respite care for Jaydene. Ted is not happy about being assessed....aren't being grandparents enough...AND they use us and our home for all Shawns access visits?? But he has agreed to them coming out....fingers crossed for me, hope it all works out.


  1. Steady does it - I know the feeling of wanting it to be a bit faster though!! Love the new look blog - it's neat having all these designs available through blogger isn't it? Zxx

  2. Your turn now - fingers and everything else crossed. Worked for Suzy - will work for you too.