Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Last night....

.....I went to my weight watchers meeting last night...I lost 300 grams. Its not much but I'll take it. The week hasn't been the best, I had a slip at work and saving myself from landing on my ass I have somehow strained my back. For most of the week I have been having spasms in it that has left me in tears sometimes and unable to excersise as much as I would like. Thus my planning/tracking has been very hit and miss...thus just a small loss. Anyways next weigh in will be in two weeks time...so hopefully my back will inprove so I can get myself out and about and on the move.

Above is a pic of Shawn and Kylee....of course it was taken a lonnnnnnnnnnng time ago, aren't they cute?? I am doing up a srapbooking album for Kylee to take over to her when we fly over. It will start off as a newborn right throu to her wedding day. I was going to do this before the wedding so when she married all I had to do was hand her the album to put in her wedding pics....but I off course never got around to it.

Kylee and Stephen have settled into their house and loving it. After nearly a year of living with the in-laws and the previous 6 years in a poky 2 bedroom unit they are loving the luxury of their own space. A lot of work too be done on their garden, they already sick of the black mud they and their cat track in but they have made a start. Can't wait to get there...roll on August.

Shawn and Shaz have moved into their house and slowly getting themselves organised. Shawn is gobsmacked at how quickly Shaz has made their rental house a home....he is loving it. I went to court with him on Friday for his monthly meeting with the magristrate and his councellour....his urinalis showed a tiny rise but no big deal they said.....as long as his head is in the right space which it seems to be. I am proud of him and his improvement but he has a long way to go yet......my fingers are still crossed and I hope and pray that he can continue along the path he is on now without any relapses. He needs a job, he is actively trying/looking to find work, hopefully that will be the next thing that falls into place for him. I am helping him a fair bit buying them odds and ends and I just can't keep on doing it, he knows that, I know that. But I am proud of him...from where he was a few short months back to where he is now is outstanding.


  1. Every loss is a good loss - and they all add up! What a lovely idea to do the scrapbook - I'm not at all crafty and so full of admiration for people who are - awesome. Great to hear how well Shawn's going. Hope your back get's better soon Zxx

  2. I agree with Anni - those losses add up.

    Great news about Shawn. He may still have the odd hiccup but it's all going in the right direction for him now:-)

  3. What lovely news about shawn finally getting on track.
    I am sure your album for Kylee will be beautiful.