Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Not on track but I am happy...

yeahhhh am really happy.
Tonight we were accessed by a DCP worker to have Jaydene for respite care.....and Ted was quite happy to do all the paper work involved. It was a bit more involved than I thought it would be and was quite wary as to Ted's response but phewww he was okay, did it all with a smile. We have another interview on Saturday morning and she will go "test" our parenting skills....that will be interesting!!

Wondering how all this was going to go tonight had me in a bit of a dither all day today and I haven't had a good day at all.....been "stress" eating.....even went up to the roadhouse and bought and demolished chocolates!!
Ahhhh well tomorrow can only be better ehhhhh?


  1. I'm sure your parentkng skill will be fine! Good luck with it all!!

    Hope the chocs are finished now!

  2. Wow, I hope you get the GO for looking after Jaydene .