Friday, June 04, 2010


Don't know whether its because I am a little bit down today or what but I am feeling a little blahhhhh. Its my Dad's birthday today and if he had lived he would have been 80...boy that would have been a party and a half. Dad was a real larrikan and loved a party, he always had a great time out celebrating any occassion... he was a recovering alcoholic and he didn't need the drink to liven any event up.

I am a little worried about Shawn too.....althou he is coming along okay, I know he is still drinking and having the occassional "weed" and when he mixes the two of them together he tends to stress out about everything. Like I had a phone call today from telling me is car had broken down, totally F*CKED he recons and how come he always gets the "lemons" ?? He had rang Shaz to come pick him up, he was down, he had been drinking and was worried about Shaz's reaction to all this.....heck am I ever gonna not worry about that boy ??? Why can't I let him worry about his troubles himself, why do I take his troubles onboard...I don't take the other kids on!

My back is giving me trouble since I strained it , think I been doing too much....but it is better than what it was. Hope so coz I have Simon's kids tomorrow morning for an overnight stayover, Simon and Tracey are bringing them down late morning as I have a hair appointment at 9am, I need a hair colour, going grey I am. The kids will keep me busy, those 4 are certainly active.

Anyways I off to bed, hope I can sleep.


  1. Unfortunately you will always worry about Shawn...that is the way it is with kids I matter how bloody old they are!! I hope you are having a great time with the grandkids:)

  2. i think maybe if Shawn was at peace with himself and his life then you wouldnt worry, we all want the best for our kids and knowing that he hasnt got it easy, whether it be down to his own doing or not, then u cant let go either?? just my thoughts, shame you had this extra worry on the anniversay of your fathers passing.

    Hope the grandies had a lovely sleepover at yours, im sure they wouldve had a ball xxxxx