Monday, May 07, 2012


This is my niece Tammi...
We met up on Saturday morning and we were still talking Saturday afternoon. What a delightful young lady she is. Her and her siblings have not had it easy, their lives have been hard. I have been amazed by their strength and their achievements considering what they have been through.
I am so happy that Tammi and I have had the chance to talk about the past and I have been able to answer some questions for her. She hopes to catch up with my brother soon and talk with him as she said (and I agree) his memories and points of views will be different to mine...and so will Pauline's (my sister) be.

Tammi messaged me later on the Saturday, and at our next catch up her twin Tom would like to join us....and their elder sister Tasha (Natasha) has asked for my phone number so she can arrange a catch up get together too.  

Am I betcha  !!!


  1. How lovely to catch up and reconnect with family members.

  2. Very special to have this happen:-)

  3. So glad to hear that you can be there for them - lotsa hugs for you all !