Thursday, May 03, 2012


I have been going to Curves for a month yesterday...and I love it. 
My 1st assessment was today and I was rapt to see 18.5 centimeters gone, 600grams and 1.3 of body fat gone!

Moves are being slowly made to get to know my brothers children. Still in the process of sorting through pictures. Unfortunately all the pics Dad had were burnt when a fire went through his house after Mum and him separated, and my step-mum is now going through her pics in case she has some even though she and Dad got together after Tom was killed.
A lot of Mum's pics were lost when she moved... but just the same hopefully we have enough for the kids. Memories galore of Tom though...and that's what they want to know more of.


  1. Congrats Jen. It is nice to see results.

  2. YAY for the results you are getting - good work !!!!

    I hope you manage to find some more photos - it is lovely when you can look through them and relive the memories.

    Take care !