Sunday, May 20, 2012

Some old pics..

Me at 16 when I first went nursing. 

mmmm, me at the nurses quarters....the dreaded fag in hand.
Pregnant with son #3
Matron of honor at my sister's wedding.

O.M.G !!  Going through my mum's photo albums was like a blast from the past. Although a lot of her photo's have gone missing...did find a few more my neices and nephew...and the scrapbook is coming along nicely.
But these ones above....boy I haven't seen these in such a long time...


  1. I have all my Mother's photo albums too... not quite ready to go through them though.
    You look very pregnant with son #3!

  2. I love going through old photos - they always provide heaps of laughter !!
    Have a great weekend !