Thursday, April 26, 2012

Excitement much !!

Me and my late brother...1973

My brother was killed in an accident in 1979....he was just 27. He left behind a wife, a 5year old son, and a little girl that turned 2 on that day....and his wife was pregnant with twins. She gave birth to a boy & a girl 3 months after.
As you can imagine, we were devastated. My mum I don't think has ever recovered. 
I was 22, had a son myself, and was going through a very difficult time with my then husband....who I had happened to meet through my brother. We split up not long after Tom's death.
His wife remarried 18 months later to a complete and utter other word for him! He gave those kids quite a hard time, not that we saw them beloved  ex sister in law by then thought we weren't good enough and we didn't get to see the kids anymore.
Anyways that marriage split up, some really horrible stories have since come back to us....believe he is in prison now, turns out he was a paedophile. 
Anyways over the years we have followed the kids as much as we could through friends and friends of friends....BUT now they have contacted us and want to get to know us....well 3 of the 4 of them have. Apparently now that they have families of their own....and want to know more about their Dad and his family. Their mother has destroyed all photo's and information she had of they have nothing, absolutely NOTHING of their Dad. How cruel..what a BITCH, no wonder they have nil to do with her anymore.  The eldest has stayed with his Mum....he has mental health issues I believe.
Anyways yesterday I started going through all my albums....and my sister is doing the same and we are going to make up an album for the they can learn more about their Dad. The kids are so overwhelmed, we are too. A door that we have wanted to be opened is slowly creeping open....and we couldn't be happier.


  1. I'm really thrilled for you. When my marriage broke up my mum told me never to put down my ex to the boys because after all they're his children too. As they grow older they will find out the truth. Very wise words. What goes around comes around.

  2. That is so neat! I hope it goes well.

    I live in hope that one day the same happens in relation to my younger brother's daughter... that she will want to know about her real father. (My younger brother died in an accident aged 36)

    We have been lucky that the children of my older brother have always kept in touch with us. He died in an accident aged 27 too... and left 3 kids.

  3. That is such great news. And they are lucky to have you guys. Karma reasserts itself.

  4. Very special that this is happening:-)

  5. How good that they have got in touch and want to get to know you - I am really happy for all of you and hope that you will share many happy hours together.
    Love, hugs and positive energy !