Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Coast Trip...

Hubby fishing

The weather was mostly fine, had a couple of small light showers, nothing to even take cover for....the rest of the time was lovely. Pity I didn't get out to throw a line in more than once or twice (and that was Sunday before we left) as I happened to come down with some sort of virus on the Friday. I felt miserable 3/4 of the time and spent most of Friday & Saturday night sitting up in bed coughing, coughing and coughing some more....poor hubby didn't get much sleep either!  Still the weekend away was a break from being at home....and I got to spend some time with the grandies.
Ashlee and Matthew

Aren't they just gorgeous. I was sitting in the  Toyota watching hubby fish reading my book and these two came over to offer me one of there lollies and have a chat.
Tanya and kids watching a car trying to get unbogged !!

On Sunday we were watching the early birds pack up and head out the coast. One way to get out is you have to drive up a huge sandhill which is about a kilometer long and steep. It gets very entertaining as some of these fishermen have no idea how to get their 4x4's up there without stopping and getting bogged! 

Gorgeous sunset

Saturday night...the sunset was just beautiful. It came in cloudy and overcast but the sun shining through onto the water between the clouds was just beautiful.

Happy 10th Birthday Caitlin 

Caity had her 10th birthday down the coast...so in true camping style we got the sparklers out and made her a birthday cake out of lamington fingers....she loved it !!

I am loving Curves, went 3 times last week...and this week I hope to manage 4 sessions. I didn't go this morning...but hopefully tomorrow before work I will, will see how I feel.
I finished Weight Watchers At Home today...had my last weigh in...lost 300g. I can't justify the cost anymore, it has gone up to much for just a weigh in consult. I will continue on though as I am, weighing in on Tuesday's keeping E-tools to help me through. Curves will help...plus I still have my regular local ww group. I will eventually get back to goal..I know I am not giving in till I do ! 


  1. Great shots looks like a fun time.

  2. What gorgeous photos of the water and the kids.
    Shame about the coughing... I am in the throes of it too.