Friday, January 23, 2009

Long weekend....

.....and I am sooo looking forward to it, it's been a long and busy week espesially at work. The amount of carrots I have graded and that have been packed this week has been up over 28 tons a day, thats over a 140 tons that have gone out of this farm this week, our truck driver has been busy!! Geeeeeee it makes you wonder how many carrots people eat ehhhh, cos the pre-packing machine (where carrots go into 1/2 and 1 kilo bags) has been busy all week too!!
We are not going anywhere, just staying at home and relaxing. I have a few books to read, some gardening to do and thats about it....any other chores can wait.....

After work today I had a Drs appointment, the last few weeks I have had a sore nipple on one of my boobs, plus on and off have been having a few chest pains. I have had no pain when exercising, only when I am thought I better get it checked out. Anyways I off to have a mammogram which I thought I would have to have and also have to have a heart ultrasound as my Dr heard a heart murmur.....geeeeeeeeeee I am falling apart!! Will be heading off to those as soon as I can get appointments.
All else is going well. Food wise, I am doing well...excersise too. I started doing water running on Wednesday with a friend and will be doing that every week now, we had a real good workout. Also looking into doing another class of cardio of some sort on Saturdays as well....just to help us keep on track.


  1. I, for one, love carrots!! Raw, name it:)
    Good luck with all your tests...if blokes had to have their testicles squashed like that I bet they would invent a better way!! lol

  2. Ha ha ha Nola....
    I too love carrots... but I am sure after working with that many I would cringe when seeing the on my plate at night!!
    Sorry to hear about your chest pain etc... Fingers crossed it is nothing serious!