Friday, January 30, 2009

One test done... more to go.
Finished work early yesterday arvo and went in and had the the best they are uncomfortable but sheeeeeeeeeeeez when they squashed my sore one I nearly went through the bloody roof!!! My boob was feeling a lot better, the nipple soreness was nearly gone, that was until the big squash!! Since then its been darn sore......
Alls been going well on the satisfaction ww plan.....I am still enjoying it. Hopefully this weekend I won't lose the plot and wreck my weigh in on Monday evening. Other than that one blow out last week all has been going well so I should have a reasonable loss.
My girlfriend and I have started walking together again, plus we are going to a water running class that has just started up every Wednesday evening. Deb is a ww life member too and is the one that got me into weight watchers and dragged me to my goal with lots of encouragement and support. Now the tide has turned and its me that is offering her that encouragement and support plus more as due to some very emotional times these past few years Deb has put all her weight back on plus more.
mmmmm no change on the Shawn front....he still the same, this past week we have hardly seen him, he has been hanging out with some "mates" we would rather he stayed away from, but as he says he is a big boy now!! His behaviour really is going to get him into a heap of trouble, he has already received papers to say he is going to lose his licience due to drunk driving, a breathaliser recorded .08 so looks like he'll be walking for awhile!

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  1. OOOO boobie squishing! I have to do another one of those real soon. I've had two reminder notices already! DOH