Tuesday, February 03, 2009

I weighed in

Last night I went in to weight watchers and did my weigh in. Was pleased to note that despite my blow out last week over the last 2 weeks I have lost a kilo......yayyyy me!! Am getting there ehhhh?
Welllllll I had a marvellous surprise on Saturday. I was in town to doing my usual shopping when I received a phone call from my DIL asking me how long I was going to be as she was at home waiting for me to come home and have a cup of coffee with her. Told her I was on my way, be there in 15 minutes.....and I was. When I got home I walked out the back and into the garden where DIL was sitting with Shawn AND my daughter Kylee!!!!!!!
Kylee had flown home that morning and wowwwwww what a surprise. She had come home to surprise her best friend Jess who was having her hens night that evening....as Kylee said you can't have a hens night without the bridesmaid ehhhhh?? And boy did Jess get a surprise....she was soooooo happy to see Kylee.
Kylee flew home today...but will be back for the wedding in 3 weeks.
Tomorrow I am off for the next test....I have my heart ultrasound.....here's hoping its painless and nothing untoward gets found.


  1. Aww - What a lovely surprise having Kylee turn up like that!!!

  2. Wasn't that lovely!
    Ultrasounds don't hurt ya ninny! Hope all goes well.

  3. Fantstic surprise! and have had one of those scans - I also have a heart murmur discovered for the first about 18 months ago - anyway the scan is a doddle - and Im just plugging away feeling no different with the murmur - doesnt affect me at all.

  4. What a fantastic photo!!! You look so fit and happy too:)
    The scan is nothing to worry about!