Monday, February 16, 2009

It's Monday again...

And the weekend is over....

Actually it wasn't a bad weekend....I achieved a fair bit. But the biggest achievement was making the FINAL morgage payment on this house, what an awesome feeling that was! Now we are debt free, just have to start stacking up a few dollars in the bank account so we can retire.

Shawn was his usual charming self when I saw him on himself in more trouble with the law and got a work order put on his vechile. So we are taking his vechile off him, he owes us nearly $2,000, some that he did borrow to buy his 4x4, and the rest he borrowed to tide him over when he and Hannah split. But since the split his behaviour and his attitude has got worse, and since he is going to lose his licience in a few weeks for that drunk driving episode a few weeks back he won't need it. So going to repossess it and see if we can sell it! He hasn't looked after it very well, so don't know how we'll go. But he has made no attempt to try and repay us, or look for a job...seems to think we are going to keep on getting him out of his little bothers.....but nahhhh not any more.

Anyways went in to weight watchers tonight for weigh in....nearly a 60's girl again....another kilo gone !!!!


  1. You are on fire! Fantastic to lose another kilo. And ist it just the best feeling not to have a mortgage - we managed that about 6 years ago - but we kept putting the mortgage money into an account and it became the maintenance fund - new kitchen, tile the floors, new blinds etc etc. Take care Z xx

  2. well done... another kilo bites the dust!!! and as for the mortgage.. you must feel fantastic!!

  3. Must be great to have the mortgage wiped out:-) Also great to have another kilo gone.

    I think you are taking positive steps with your son, tough love. Hang in there! Still lots of hope.

  4. Good idea taking the car back!!
    Woohooo...nearly back in the 60's...I can only dream of those numbers!!

  5. Well done on your weight loss!
    Fantastic for you paying off your mortgage too :-)

  6. What a wonderful feeling to be mortgage free.

    Hope all went well at the doc's. Thinking of you.